A Little Night Music

It’s really cold here, nine degrees on Monday night. Our street is a sheet of ice following a relatively warm day on Sunday—above freezing, WOW—when the snow that fell overnight melted and then refroze as temperatures dropped.

photoBut Saturday night, despite more snow, Al and I made it to a concert of Latin chamber music at Clark University performed by the Worcester Chamber Music Society, featuring Argentine guest soloist JP Jofre, a world class artist on the bandoneón, a type of concertina.

There is no better antidote to yet more snow than hearing the tango on the bandoneón.

When we got home, I decided to take a walk around the block. It was snowing gently, and the temperatures were just below freezing, so it felt relatively mild, even for me. The fresh snow coated all the dirty drifts that have narrowed our roads to nearly one way and freshened the landscape, transforming tree boughs to white lace.

I had the street all to myself. It was quiet and peaceful. Ginger would have loved it.

This winter will eventually come to an end. A week from Sunday, March 8, we switch to Daylight Savings Time and it will be lighter in the evening. The snow will melt (maybe by June).

So, to nudge things along and give you a little break from your own winter doldrums, here’s a video of Jofre performing Ástor Piazzolla’s Escualo with the JP Jofre Hard Tango Chamber Band at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge in September, 2012. Tango, anyone?

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