Ready, Set, Spring

Just as we were getting used to Arctic temperatures (to the extent one ever does), the weather is now in the ’50s for a few days here in Central Massachusetts. I’m not complaining. I’ll take every warm day (relatively speaking) that I can. And even if Punxatawney Phil sees his shadow today, I will ignore his prediction of six more weeks of winter.

To that end, I share with you my favorite arrangements from the Worcester Art Museum‘s annual Flora in Winter exhibit this past weekend. Who says spring isn’t just around the corner?

photo 2

photo 5


photo 7

photo 3

photo 6

photo 4

photo 9

photo 8

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  1. Pat Bizzell says:

    So happy to tour the exhibit virtually–thank you! I love how the arrangements harmonize with the art near by. And it is wonderful to see colorful flowers at this time of year, when everything outside is frozen and gray. I am carefully tending a cyclamen to have at least a few blooms inside. 🙂

  2. Pat Bizzell says:

    Sorry–accidental duplication

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