Stand Tall


My posture has been lousy of late. Maybe I’m slouching in front of the computer too much. Or maybe it’s because it’s been too cold out and I’ve been fighting with a recalcitrant ulcer on my left ankle that’s made it harder to take a daily walk. Or maybe it’s just the collective weight of so much discouraging and downright frightening news that feels like a barbell on my shoulders.

Whatever the cause, I need to remind myself to straighten up, stretch my spine and hold up my head. Can’t face the world with a chronic stoop and cower. Nope. Especially not now.

So here’s my antidote, just in time for the holiday weekend: three gifts of inspiration that I share with you. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did when I discovered each one—and that you find yourself walking a little taller, stepping a bit lighter, as a result. And please, pass them along to anyone who could use a little uplift, too.

  1. Artist Christine Sun Kim’s TED Talk: The Enchanting Music of Sign Language
  2. On Being with Krista Tippett: Interview with Vincent Harding, Is America Possible?
  3. Tap v Irish Step Dance (Sorry, couldn’t find the origin of this YouTube video, but it’s a great performance!)

May your holidays be blessed with good company, much laughter, health and peace.

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Image Credit: Ian Schneider

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