Winter’s grip is at long last loosening. The icy ruts on our street mostly melted as temperatures rose into the 40s on Monday. The sun shone all day. Snow drifts are slowly, slowly shrinking. Buds are visible on the Callery pear in our front yard.

And somewhere under all that snow, I’m sure there are crocuses waiting for the sun to warm the frozen earth just enough for their tender leaves to push up and free.

Hard as it is for my internal clock to adjust to that first Sunday when we jump forward to Daylight Savings Time, it’s a delight to have the days feel longer again (even as I know it’s just an artificial shift in how we perceive when the day begins and ends).

March can be a deceptive month here in New England, promising spring and then dashing hopes with a late snow storm. But I’m feeling optimistic. According to the weather reports, the Jet Stream has finally moved farther north, which means we’re in for an easier, sunnier spell.

We’re certainly due after all that record-breaking snow and cold. My hands have taken a beating this winter. I’m finally weaning myself off a long round of antibiotics to clear up two infected ulcers, and I have five fingers swaddled in bandages as intransigent ulcers gradually heal. Spring can actually be my toughest season, though, so I’m hoping these will continue to improve.

Even still, there’s just something about seeing the promise of new leaves on the trees and watching water bubbles slide beneath the icy crusts along the street that I find reassuring. No matter how bitter the winter we’ve endured, the snow will melt, the temperatures will warm and the world will turn green once again.

I’m looking forward to wearing something other than the same sweaters, in varying combinations, and foregoing multiple layers—leg warmers, wrist warmers, two or three tops, wool pants, neck scarf, down coat, outer scarf, wool hat, insulated gloves, boots (have I forgotten anything?)—every time I go out the door. As it is, two of my good cashmere v-necks, which I’ve had for years, finally wore out with holes at the elbows. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to shorten the sleeves.

Most of all, I’m looking forward to walking outside with my coat open and a warm breeze on my neck and the sun warming my face.

Spring officially arrives a week from Friday. Oh, yes, I’m ready.

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  1. Pat Bizzell says:

    Couldn’t agree more about how desperately welcome a few signs of spring are in New England this year! My personal seasonal clock comprises the flower bed on the sunny side of the Holy Cross student center, where I watch for the daffodils to come up every year. Yesterday, for the first time, there they were, a bit crumpled and yellow from fighting their way through the snow, but unfolding nevertheless. Yay daffodils! Yay spring!

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